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Booklet Panes

A booklet pane is a pane taken from a stamp booklet, and in terms of stamp collection, will usually have minimal to no booklet residue, such as gumming. The cleaner the condition of the pane, the more valuable it will be in terms of stamp collecting.

Tracking down booklet panes can be a good way of collecting stamps, particularly when it comes to collecting special editions and series that featured a few different designs. Why buy individual stamps one by one when you can complete your collection that much easier with booklet panes?

In our extensive collection of booklet panes you’ll find both newer and old stamps. The panes vary in age and quantity, with some panes having 3 stamps, and others having 20! No matter what you’re looking for in terms of panes, the window of opportunity is open here at! Act quickly, as some items are rare to come across.

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